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Compact Model Smoker for R/C Vehicles 6V 7.2V 12V

Compact Model Smoker for R/C Vehicles 6V 7.2V 12V


The Model Smokers are available in different voltages and options to upgrade to a quieter, more reliable and more realistic smoke effect for your Model Train, RC PT-109 or other Boat, Crawler, Rig or other vehicle.

Smoke will be Proportional with your motor in Forward and Reverse! The Idle smoke will start once the unit receives 50% of the rated voltage.

A voltage regulator needs to be added if there is a chance of exceeding the rated voltage. The Model will need sufficent air flow into the model, as well as 2" of room above the fan in order to operate. Do not overfill, or run the Unit Dry!

The unit features metal alloy and brass construction, fitted with a guarded brushless fan for quiet operation, low power consumption of around 1 AMP, and extended run time of over 2 hours on one full fill up of Fluid. Features an integrated "Sight Tubing" to ensure proper fluid fill level.

They come in a very compact size of approximately 2 1/4” L (5.7 CM), (2 1/2” L (6.35 CM) including the side brass fitting) 1-5/8” W (4 CM), 1-1/2” (3.8 CM) without tubing/wiring, and a weight of just over 3 OZ (85 Grams) when filled with fluid. Each unit comes standard with tubing, directions and a wiring diagram.

A sample bottle of fluid is also included for shipments to the Continental United States.

Additional Options are featured below for an added Fee.

For Trains-Recommend Choosing “Add Chuff Kit” and "Add Piston Steam Kit" The Optional "Chuff Kit" contains 2 Switches and Magnets that create a Chuffing effect when integrated into the Model Smoker. Wire and glue not included.

The Optional "Piston Steam Kit" contains 2' of 1/4" Tubing and 2 of the 1/4" T Fittings to adapt the Smoke Unit to push smoke to the train pistons.

Choose from either Quick Splice connectors for solderless connection, or No Quick Splice if you plan to solder the wires to the motor tabs.

This is a Custom Engineered and built product. Please allow 14 Business days before it is Shipped.

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