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Where Are Model Smokers Built?


Model Smokers are Proudly Engineered, Tested, and Assembled in the USA! We work hard to procure parts that are also Made in the USA. Some components, such as the smoke unit fans, are sourced globally.


How Do I Place An Order?


Except for Custom Smoke Units, all other products are normally in stock and usually ship within 3 Business Days. For Custom Smoke Units, Contact us first with your project information, including the Scale, Voltage, and whether or not you're using a motherboard or MFU to control the Smoke Unit. Custom Smoke units usually ship in 12-14 Business Days.

Payment and Shipping


We accept online payments through Paypal. We will ship Smoker Fluid via USPS anywhere in the Continental United States. Items other than Smoker Fluid will ship to many Worldwide locations. If your Country is not listed in our USPS Shipping Locations, email us to see if we can ship using a different method.


Secure Ordering & Payment Options


All orders are SSL Encrypted. We accept Paypal for all product orders and for repair work. Repairs usually take 12-14 Business days, and are returned once payment clears.


Exchanges, Returns & Refunds


All Smoke Units and Heating Elements are thoroughly tested before shipping. Due to the nature of the hobby, all Sales are Final, Any included directions and diagrams that are included should be read and understood prior to installation. If a damaged item is somehow received, you must notify us within 3 business days of receipt for information on how to return an item to be exchanged.

Repair Service

Most Smoke Generators that have a replaceable heating element can be repaired, This includes all Model Smokers, Aristocraft, TARR, Massoth, and many others. Contact Us for repair work which will incur a cost for Parts, Labor, and Shipping. If parts are in stock, or readily available, the turnaround time from receipt to shipping out is usually between 5-7 days.

Can I Create Black Smoke?

Model Smokers are designed to put out light grey smoke by means of vaporizing the smoke fluid. The production of black smoke would indicate combustion.

My Model Is Almost Completely Air Tight, Will My Smoke Unit Work?

As per the Instructions that are included, the smoke unit does require constant airflow into the model through stacks, vents, louvers, or holes greater than the size of the fan on the smoke unit.  Intakes in the FRONT of the model, or above the fan will be the most effective.


Can My Smoke Unit Run Off A Car Battery?

A car battery can generate well over 12 Volts and high current well in excess of 875 Amps. Our standard smoke units operate on a maximum of either 7.2V or 12 Volts, and under 8 Amps. A smaller battery that is under 12 Volts, and between 4 Amps and 8 Amps should be used.


How Do I Know If My Battery Or Power Supply Will Work?

Take a volt meter beforehand, to ensure that it isn’t over 6 Volts, 7.2 Volts, or 12 Volts (depending on which model smoke unit you are running). Many 12V batteries put off between 12.8 and 13.2 Volts when fully charged which is too much voltage for the smoke units, therefore a voltage regulator or variable power supply or step-down transformer that would put out the correct voltage is required.


How Can I Run My Smoke Unit If I Only Have a Large Car Battery In My Model?

A smaller battery coupled with a 3 Amp voltage regulator or a variable power supply that can handle at least 3 Amps is a viable solution.


How Do I Connect The Smoke Unit To The Rest Of My Exhaust System?

Vinyl tubing is the best way to connect to the fittings, and it is recommended that the end of the vinyl tubing gets soaked in warm water beforehand to make it more flexible. For single exhaust Smoke Units, dual exhaust can be engineered using a “Y” Fitting. This is always preferred over a “T” fitting which will restrict the output. Do not force the tubing over the brass fittings, or shove anything inside the brass, or it can become dislodged.

Does Polarity Matter With Respect To Wiring?

For models with a JST XH 2.5MM plug, the polarity must be followed. For the, Scarlett, and custom smoke units with 2 external black leads, the motor polarity can be reversed as the heating element is designed to work in forward or reverse. For other models, with Red (+) and Black (-) Fan Wires, Correct Polarity is important. If not hooked up correctly, the Fan will be permanently damaged.


What Type Of Fluid Does The Smoke Unit Use And How Do I Know When The Unit Is Full?

Our Model Smoker and G.I. Smoker Fluid is preferred. If in a location where our Fluid is unable to be obtained, contact us regarding finding a viable substitute

When filling the Smoke Unit on a level surface, seeing fluid 1/8" or 3MM past the brass fill fitting on the side indicates that the unit is full. If not equipped with a Brass Fitting, a dipstick will need to be used.

A full unit will give you around 2 Hours of run time before it will need to be refilled.


Never fill the unit with water, or any type of flammable fluid.


How Do I Wire The Unit?

There are detailed directions and wiring diagrams included with every unit. Wiring diagrams and directions can also be emailed as a .PDF with Proof of Purchase.

My Smoke Unit Isn’t Working, What Can I Do To Get It Working?

Double check the Voltage of the Battery, it should be under the Voltage stated on the case of the Smoker, check with a voltmeter, and check the polarity and hook up of the wiring,


Check the Fuse if fitted,


Check the Fluid Level, if overfilled or empty, it will NOT work. If run dry, there is a very good chance that you have a burned out heating element.


You will need to be within 3 Volts of the design voltage for the smoke to start, check the power into the unit with a voltmeter.


If the exhaust lines are clogged, gently blow into the tubing to clear it of Smoker Fluid.

I Want to Upgrade my Motherboard, what do you recommend?

Model Smokers is proud to partner with DAK RC Tank as our recommended vendor for Clark TK Boards. . They're located in the USA as well, and have a wide variety of Clark Boards, and other R/C Tank Components. Please Check our Clark TK Board Compatibilty Chart below, as well as on the DAK Page.

I have a Clark Model TK Board, which G.I. Tank Smoker is right for me? Click on PDF

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