Combination Package G.I. Tank Smoker Smoke Unit, Hull Magnets, Charging Harness

Combination Package G.I. Tank Smoker Smoke Unit, Hull Magnets, Charging Harness

This listing is for a Combination Package with ONE Smoke Unit Listed below, ONE Hull Magnet Conversion Kit with Directions, and ONE External Battery Charging Harness. 
When purchasing the Combo, Please select from the dropdown boxes your Battery Voltage (7.2V or 12V) and what motherboard you’re using. Charging Harness must also be selected. 

Email ahead of time for clarification if you are not sure what smoker/harness is right for you.
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G.I.Tank Smokers are a quieter, high quality option built using metal construction,and are available in 4 different models listed below for every hobby grade tank Available.  Made in the USA!
All units are thoroughly tested prior to shipment to ensure correct operation.
Each unit comes with directions, installation diagram, tubing, and a sample bottle of fluid (Only orders shipped to the USA) outside the USA, contact us after purchasing for alternative fluids! 

An optional "Smoking Barrel" kit and instructions are also included for tanks equipped with an air soft mechanism. Not for use with IR. 

They come in a very compact size of approximately 2 1/4” L (5.7 CM), (2 1/2” L (6.35 CM) including the side brass fitting) 1-5/8” W (4 CM), 1-1/2” (3.8 CM) (1-7/8” H (4.8 CM) for the Scarlett) without tubing/wiring, and a weight of just over 3 OZ (85 Grams) when filled with fluid.
BARONESS 2-7.2V unit is a simple plug and play with 1 JST XH 2.5 plug for fully proportional smoke output for ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO REV F, IBU2, and Taigen V2 and V3 systems.
LADY JAYE-7.2V unit is a fully proportional upgrade smoke unit specifically for the Heng Long TK 6.0, IBU2U and IBU3, and Clark TK 60 and TK 80 control boards. Simple plug and play with 2 plugs, programming of the control board by the user can modify the amount of smoke. 1 JST XH 2.5 plug for the heating element and 1 JST XH 2.5 plug for the fan.
SCARLETT-7.2V Unit has a secondary fan, and is fully proportional WITH NO SOLDERING REQUIRED. It is designed to work with Heng Long, Taigen V1, Tamiya, Torro, and other radio controlled 7.2V Tanks with one or two motors. Plug the JST XH 2.5 plug into the smoke output port. The pair of black cables connects to the Black and Red leads of one motor.
COVER GIRL-12V unit is an upgrade smoke unit,simple plug and play with 1 JST XH 2.5 plug for fixed or variable smoke output. Only for use in tanks using a 12 Volt Battery.