OEM Taigen and Heng Long Smoker Fluid in an Upgraded Bottle


This fluid comes with Taigen Tanks. Works with Heng Long, Torro, Tamiya, G.I. Tank Smokers, Model Smokers and TAR also.


The stock oil bottles that come with your tank  are cheap, and tend to leak in transit. They contain sediment and pieces of plastic due to quality control issues. Bottles that come with the tanks and are sold elsewhere for double the price are usually 30-40% full.

This bottle that you’re about to buy will be around 80-90% full, so it’s equivalent to almost 4 regular stock bottles (Small 2 OZ) or 8 regular stock bottles (Large 4 OZ) , at a discounted price. The fluid is filtered before filling, to cut down on impurities.


Don’t run the unit dry, and don’t overfill your stock unit! Just a few drops are needed for your Taigen, Torro, or Heng Long Tank Smoke Machine.


Can also be used in American Made upgraded G.I. Tank Smokers and Model Smokers, be sure to follow the directions that are included with the unit.